Help! Scared no one to turn too :(

Hi ladies :) I'm new to this.. About a year ago i was diognaised with PCOS and have been told that I've a 98% chance of not getting pregnant. Anyways last night me and my partner had sex, and didn't use a condom..usually we do, just to be on the safe side. my sisters have all been diagnosed with PCOS and have convinced naturally! And I know I've the 2% of getting pregnant and Miricalls do happen. So I was going to go to the doctor and get the morning after pill just to be on the safe side, as we are definetly not stable enough yet to plan on having kids. But my friend thinks I should be okay and is toatally against the morning after pill, and thinks I should wait until my next period which have only started becoming regular, and will be due in 3 weeks time..sorry to post my life story just haven't anyone I can turn too. Thank you for reading :)