Newbie looking for a CB

Hey y'all! My name is Kristi. I'm a 29 yo newlywed. This is our first month "trying". I have a cycle that is 34 days long. My fertile week was July 17-22 and my next visit from AF is Aug 5. My visits usually last 7.9 days. 
I have had a long struggle with BC (11 years) and have tried almost everything and suffered through those years with a few feminine health issues. I've been BC free for almost 2 years now :) I'm more regular and consistent now than I EVER was on BC! I take a lot
Of supplements and vitamins and use essential oils to help with my reproductive help. I now use 3 apps (lol) to track my cycle. I just don't know how much I trust them to be accurate when it comes to ovulation. Because of my long time BC use and health issues in the past I'm very skittish about TTC and nervous that it won't happen for us. Anyway, enough rambling....if you'd like to be my buddy just DM me :) peace!