It's working!!

So after 4 or 5 years of trying. I finally started using ovulation tests and downloaded this app. Since I downloaded this app I found out so many things about my body and other things as well. After 2 months of using opk's and never getting a peak, I realized omg I'm not ovulating. I figured it had something to do with my hormone imbalance. Well the Glow community is huge and through this app I found alot of people taking Vitex on here and how it helped them concieve. So I did some research and decided to start taking it. After four days I seen such a HUGE difference my body temperature regulated I didn't get get hot so easily. Normally I have to have my house in the 60's to be comfortable and now I have it at 75 degrees with no problem. Strands of my hair isn't falling out as much, my acne cleared up, my fingernails and hair have grown like crazy, my moods arent everywhere and it's even suppressed my appetite oddly. Here comes the best part. I had a "period" in June and bled all the way up until my next one was suppose to start! I was mind boggled! So in July I started taking it and the bleeding stopped cold turkey I'm like okay what just happened? I'm proud to announce this morning when I woke up I got a REGULAR AF!!! If it regulated AF I'm assuming I will ovulate also. (Unless there is something else wrong) I'm just so excited to try this month. This is progress for me! I'm just really excited! Anyone else took Vitex and it helped?