Falling into a slight depression..

Ok Ima jot this down to you glows
• I'm 9 months pregnant
• we are 18
• been together for years & have a unconditional love. 
• we both want to get married when the time is right & share the same goals & dreams 
• we are on a break right now because....
          I can't trust him. He does everything right. Like cleaning, taking care of me, affection, etc. But it's just the texting females & Instagram I have a problem with. I know he's young and of course we both will flirt and stuff. But he makes these hoes think their something they're not like calling them bae n stuff. But one HES NEVER SEEN THEM and they're UGLY with big butts! Their numbers aren't save & they only text but it's still a HUGE problem to me. I'm just so tired that I give up. My mind is focus on having my baby in a few weeks. I love him but this stress is killing me bc I don't know if he's lying to me or not. He could be fucking them but I hope he wouldn't. I'm just getting alil depressed because we plan for something and it's not going the way I want it to 😔 Talk to me glow.. What do I do?