I love My girls

Me and my wife been together since 10/24/13 with her she brought two little girls who have become my world. All 3 of them have been my rock. My family has had a lot of loss including the loss of my mom and grandfather in October 2014 less then a week apart. When Shelly and the girls came into my life my mom was very sick Shelly and the girls gave her a new quality of life see my mom always wanted to be a Nanny n those little girls made that possible.Shelly my mom and the girls became very close and all 3 of us were there till we lost her. Now Shelly is pregnant with what will be my first blood child and I miss my mom even more then ever. But I know she's with me. Shelly I thank u and these girls for coming into my life and for making me whole I don't know where I'd be without the 3 of u I love u all