Boyfriend pisses me off so bad 😩

My boyfriend and I don't live together yet, we will move in together on October. We planned to hang out today and that I'd sleep over at his place. So I didn't feel very good this morning so I texted him saying we could hang out but I don't wanna spent the night due to me not feeling good. He got really pissed and said that I should stay home. I didn't wanna sit around at home alone all day so I went to visit my grandma for a few hours as I don't see her that much anyways so I spent about 3 hours with her. He texted me while I was there and I replied later that I was at my grandma's. He then complained how I "always feel good enough to do stuff with my family" so I said I would've come see him in the afternoon just wouldn't spent the night and that he denied that and I didn't wanna be all alone all day. Then he just said "you can do this." And then asked when if come next time. So I was all confused about the "you can do this" so I asked him what he meant and he said that it doesn't matter because talking with me is senseless anyways. I got pissed and then he texted I should come when I want to and feel good enough and to not bother him anymore today. 
I'm literally so so so annoyed and pissed off right now. I love him to death and we both wanted this baby more than anything but sometimes I feel so pissed and annoyed by him lately. I don't know what to do anymore