AF due 8/16, TTC baby #1

Hello! My name is Nicole, I'm 28 and my husband and I are trying for our first baby. Our wedding was a month ago and prior to the wedding I changed my diet pretty radically (I unintentionally cut out A LOT of fat from my diet... Oops) to get ready for the wedding. In doing so I lost about 8 lbs, but apparently that was enough to drop my body fat percentage just low enough to quit having a period. I also just finished my first year of medical school, so I'm sure the stress did not help lol. I have always been very regular with 30-32 day cycles, so to quit ovulating right before we planned to start trying was really frustrating. After the wedding I put a few lbs back on and added in a lot of good fats, but with 100+ days of no period I went to my naturopathic physician. She prescribed me vitex, beta carotene and an adrenal support. 3 days later AF came, yay!! So now it's cd10, and ovulation is hopefully this week. We're going for the BD every other day, which we started a few days ago (that's the fun part:). Started OPK today, also BBT charting and monitoring CM. I want to be sure I am in fact ovulating again. Any cycle buddies in here? :)