How to make the Glow Community work for you


When you initially join Glow or <a href="">Nurture</a> - we subscribe you to a few groups based on your onboarding answers (such as your age). But the rooms we put you in, might not be the right rooms for you. For example, you may ONLY want support, and therefore hate Controversy Corner (CC) with its many discussions that sometimes get very heated. Or you may only want to interact with other pregnant women. Or only with teenagers. Or only with other professional women in their 30s. Well, good news! You can do all this and more in the Glow Community.

Well, good news! You can do all this and more in the Glow Community. 

Things you can do to improve Glow community experience:

1. Please realize that we have well over 400 groups! 400! Over 200 TTC groups. Over 100 pregnancy groups. 30 something health related rooms. Something for everyone.  To find the right groups for you, simply scroll to the very last tab, hit the + button and click "Join" on any all groups that interest you. (More good news, we will soon revamp this process and make finding the right groups infinitely easier.) 

2. Leave the groups that bug you. CC not your cup of tea? No problem. Just click on your own community profile (your picture on the community). There you will see the number of groups you belong to. Click on that #. This will allow you to delete any or even all of your groups.

3. But wait, there is more! The Glow Community on iOS has an AGE FILTER! (Coming soon to Android) Meaning that if activate the age filter you will not see topics created by certain age groups. You can do so by pulling down on the community and clicking the three lines on the right corner. 

4. Last bit. We hope that you eventually find women in this community whose opinions you value and who you find extra helpful. Follow them! 8-) By following like-minded people, you will see more of the topics that interest you in your 'Top Topics' feed. 


1. Please do not create topics about how mean, judgemental and/or unsupportive women on Glow are. For one, we will delete these topics. For another, this accomplishes less than nothing. We assure you that women on Glow are incredibly supportive and kind - in the right setting. Cycle buddies, due-date buddies, the assisted fertility room, to name a few, are all incredibly supportive spaces. CC on the other hand, is not. 

2. Please do not engage with rude users. If someone is being intentially rude, simply report them and move on. Our admin work day and night keeping our community safe. Let them do their job. 

3. Please do not post in the wrong room. We have a few simple rules - almost always pinned - to the top of each room. If a room say 'No BFPs' - please do not announce your pregnancy in that room. If a room is for discussing relationships, please do not post your baby bump in there. Our admin move topics around as much as possible, but the Glow community is vast - and sometimes we end up deleting topics that are in the wrong place. Help us out by always double-checking that you are posting in the correct room. 

We hope that these tips make your Glow Community experience better. We know that there are a lot of improvement yet to be made (Cough, blocking users cough). But we assure you that the Glow Community will always be one of our top priorities and will only get better with time. 

Thank you!