Looks pretty solid to me!!! You agree?

MaryBeth • part-time Bartender/ Mommy to 2 kids!
We had been TTC for baby #3 since our miscarriage in December. Up until last month we planned and timed intercourse. Then this month we decided to skip it and work on our marriage and get better jobs (my husband lost his). Well marriage has been better and still waiting on a better job (I work at a bar..eek!). So I'm in shock that the month we quit we get pregnant!!! Gona take a 2nd test in the morning since I took this one an hour ago. And have to find a free pregnancy place nearby to confirm it (I also don't have insurance, applying for that tonite). Do you all agree that there is no mistaking a positive!!!??? And also...is it normal to have horrible cramps and back pain to where I vomit or shld I worry about a tubal pregnancy?