Venting... Husband says I should always ASK for sex...

Jennifer • TTC #1 for past year. 33yo. Married 7 years.
So usually things are spontaneous. But today he seriously looked at me and said "if you want any you have to ask for it." I said "seriously?" And he said "yeah just say hey can I please have sex?" 
Like I'm sorry but no...
I'm mostly just venting here. But who does that???
I was leaning on him on the couch in a tight white tank and a push-up bra. Makeup and hair done. Which should've been clues on their own. And had already made a move. You'd think he'd have a clue. 
And I definitely wasn't going to go and say "can I please have sex?" Complete turn off... And it wasn't like he wanted me to beg. He was completely disinterested. I've never denied him ever. Never even the I have a headache or I'm too tired. 
Anyways. Thanks for allowing me to vent... This too shall pass and we will be fine.