Geritol takers, get 800 mcg folic acid

RiRi , P & PJ’s Mom 💗💖💙
I just got mine today to go along with my mutivitamin I take at night. 1 day before I started taking the Geritol mutivitamin I was taking 800 mcg's of folic acid mixed in with a women's vitamin. But a great amount of folic acid has been in my system for 6 months now. Anyways I just went out and bought folic acid supplements today of 800 mcg to go with my Geritol bottles. My fertile week starts next weekend, and I take Geritol tonic (liquid) in the morning, and Geritol mutivitamin at night. It's has folic acid in it already, but it's best to at least have 800 mcg's of it in your system when trying to get pregnant. So buy the supplement ttc women!!!