Kids names and spellings.


(Starting this in a new topic so that the original game can continue)

So the argument that's going on in a different thread about the Freakonomics artical on the relationship between the spelling of a name and later career prospects.....

I challenge anyone to come up with a serious successful person (excluding celebrities) who's name isn't either traditional or mainstream. Now I'm not American, but I can't think of any president or senator or UK politician or prime minister with a non-standard name. Can't help but think there could be a good reason for this. I know they it could be seen as a generational craze, but if they didn't need it to stand out in their generation, why do we think our kids need it to stand out in theirs?

It's almost as if the normal names with normal spellings will be the ones that stand out amongst all the unpronounceable ones!

Yes I'm probably starting an argument here. But a child's name is the first gift you give them, and they live with the consequences of that gift for the rest of their lives.