Husband pushes me away for others

My husband constantly has been pushing me away. He will say I am bothering him and I am disgusting him. He did so yesterday and told me to leave him alone when I asked him to come back inside from his car. I let him alone and went back to try to be sweet to him to get him inside since its 2 am and I didn't want to fight. I then see him deleting multiple messages on Facebook from a woman. I knocked and it scared him so he turned his phone off he had no words so I went inside and packed him a bag and put it at the door when he saw it he begged to come inside. After an hour I left him come in. He was telling me how wrong I was being by doing that to him and in the middle of him blaming me for my reactions his phone rings and it turns out to be a woman calling him I answered she did not speak.. She then texted his phone and said "I saw you call I hope all is okay. I tried to call back but she answered. I don't want drama its too late at night so she can talk to me tomorrow" he called this woman outside when I kicked him out .... What should my thoughts be? He said he was immature for doing that but what is really behind it? What would you think?