How do to believe when faith is tested?

Ladies, I am religious meaning I believe in God and I do pray daily but today my faith is tested. I feel so hurt betrayed and sad. This morning when I wiped I noticed blood. Went to the er and my levels was 12,077.6 last blood draw was 7/16 and it was 272. However because of the bleeding they have listed me as a threathened miscarriage . I'm 5 wks 4 days and I'm so scared and shaken. I don't want to lose faith but it's so hard to think positive . I seen two drs a resident and attending the resident which is the student basically told me it looks like a miscarriage while the attending told me everything is fine and that I was misinformed by the attending . I'm not feeling hopeful. I can't eat or sleep or stop crying . How do you stay hopeful ?