Uterine massage ...

Malissa • had a babygirl in 2008 miscarried twins in 2010 became a surrogate mommy to 2 babys & now my #2 is on his/her way ♡ Mia and Charlotte are my life

Hello ladies ...

I've never in a million years would think that I would believe the old wives tale of needing a uterine massage to concieve.

I recently had one done my husband and I have been trying to concieve for 7 years now and I thought I was just done after 1 baby now literally a month after the massage I am pregnant with baby #2.

My uterus was tipped and not centralized my masseuse did the Abdominal/Uterine Massage (ATMAM) and my next cycle boom could it be a coincidence I don't know but I'll tell you one thing whatever that massage did to me worked !!!

Google it Abdominal/Uterine Massage (ATMAM)

Baby dust to all ♡