Soon to be ex, I feel so sad

I stupidly went on his dating profile and saw his little about me and said he isn't the dating site and like to eat popcorn while looking at your profile.  This is a person I was married to (still legally am until the divorce is finalized) this is the person I gave my all to, I'm 15 weeks pregnant, he's denied his own blood, he cheated, is brutally mean, sends me an email after I sent him his stuff and information about it (guess he didn't check it) saying "send me my fucking shit so I don't have to email you anymore". I managed to reply back as nicely as possible saying I guess you didn't see the attachment I just sent so I'll attach it again on this one.  What I wanted to say is just worse,  but I controlled myself.  How could someone be so evil, have no remorse.  He's moved to a new state, living life all happy, sleeping around and partying and I'm here pregnant and just alone.  How could he be so happy.  This just sucks ladies,  I feel better than I did a few weeks ago but it sucks so much. Does a person like this ever pay karma? Regret his actions? See what they have caused?   How could this be the person I married, told me he loved me and I loved.  It just sucks