I posted recently about how I've been talking to this guy that I work with and kinda remet online. We hung out for a few hours at my house one day. I texted him on Friday cause i was away for the weekend saying that i get home on Sunday and if he wanted to make plans for the week. He said "yes yes yes" i asked what he was thinking and he suggested dinner drinks and then maybe heading to one of our places to hang and watch a movie. So I asked if Tuesday works and he said sounds good to me. We were texting the next day and i asked him where he wanted to go. He said that he may have to work but he'll let me know. We continued to text and flirt he hasnt let me know if he for sure has to work. Now i know how our scheduling works so i know its not hard to check if hes working. Im not sure if he has a second job, because hes only part time at our job. But do you guys think he's blowing me off?