PSA from a POAS addict!

So this is my first pregnancy and naturally I want to pee on a stick almost every day to make sure the line is getting darker. However the further I'm getting into my 6th week the lighter the line got. Not by much but you would think almost 7 weeks in that it would take all the dye. 
I know they say to stop testing once you know but I always believed if I was the line would stay dark and continue to get darker. I've heard of the Hook Effect but I thought it was only in rare cases. So of course I started freaking out and went and bought two boxes of tests. 
I decided to try one with regular urine and the other with 50% urine 50% water. Well I'm happy/relieved to say the Hook Effect is real and probably happens more than we think. Here's my tests.
Morale of the story ladies, STOP TESTING. I know it's easier said than done but if what happens to me happens to you I know how that anxiety feels and you don't want that when you're pregnant. 
Almost 7 weeks and I'm just producing too much hormone, which explains the constant morning/noon/night nausea and vomiting. 
Just keep faith and know you have a sticky bean! And if you can't help but test and the line is fainter than you think it should be definitely dilute it to see! I'm glad I did. 
Hope this helps some POAS addicts out there like me!