Symptoms 14dpo.. Should I test tomorrow?

Since 6dpo I've had a sore and tender lower abdomen (similar to AF but not the same) I have also been very bloated, which I do get before AF, but not as bad as this! Then yesterday (13dpo) I was exhausted, sore tummy and my back was killing me. I woke up last night needing water and went for a pee 3 times!! (I've never done this before) then I felt starving and couldn't get back to sleep for 2 hours (I'm normally a heavy sleeper and have no issues getting to sleep). Then I woke up this morning and (tmi) had diarrhea 3 times and feel really nauseous. My partner said wait another day before I test. What do you think? And should I ask him if he wants to be with me when I test? Anyone else experienced similar, and what was your outcome?