NO SHAME, I gotta share this!

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Hey ladies! I'm here to share that I FINALLY had one of those earth-shattering, full body orgasms that I've been hearing about for years! As a little background, I've been masturbating since childhood (and it was not the result of any type of sexual trauma, I suppose I just accidentally discovered it early on and continuously did it) and it's always been the same end: a few vaginal contractions that feel pretty good, and that's all. They were DEFINITELY with no doubt orgasms, just very weak ones, as I now know. I'd read an article from Betty Dodson about masturbation techniques, and one of the ways listed was to lay in the bathtub and let the full force faucet pour directly on all your naughty bits. So I, as a young woman looking to spice things up, decided, "what the hell, why not?" ...........oh. my. GOSH. 100% the most powerful orgasm I've ever had in my life. The kind that makes your back arch involuntarily, makes your legs shake, makes you moan really loud, and blurs your vision for a sec. On a scale of 1-10, my since-childhood orgasms were usually between A 3 and 5, where as this one wasn't even on the scale, probably a 12. It was so intense that I got a wave of anxiety because I'd never experienced anything so powerful or so unique. A full-body orgasm, the way they're intended. That's all I had to say! It's just exciting to have a sexual awakening. Have a great day!! I know I will 😊😊😊