I was at the pharmacy

Kay • Neuroscientist. First time mom in 03/2016 💖💕 #biracialbabies
I was at the pharmacy picking up my rx prenatals and iron pills. While i was waiting, a lady was crying hysterically so i stopped and asked her what was wrong. She told me that her insurance didnt cover her prenatal vitamins and that she was poor and couldnt afford to buy otc prenatals. So since rite aid has a special buy one vitamin get one free, i bought her two 250ct prenatal nature made vitamins and got two 250ct bottles for free. She has enough vitamins for her whole pregnancy and to breastfeed as long as she wants or can. I felt the need to share this because little acts like that of compassion for another woman and another child is something that i love doing and her gratitude and the way she was crying and smiling from joy is worth it. I hope her and her baby are fine and if i run in next to her, im buying her little baby things.