Pregnant after my first IVF cycle, any advice?

This is my fourth pregnancy. I have two girls and I had a miscarriage two months ago at 8wks pregnant. It was an ectopic pregnancy, so one of my tubes was surgically removed. It was devastating. We decided to move to an <a href="">IVF</a> cycle immediately after I was healed. My doctor said that the only fertility issue we had was the missing tube. My eggs, uterus follicles all looked great, so we were happy to get two embryos to transfer. My beta is In 3 days, but I couldn't wait and I took a HPT last night and got a BFP! Up to this point, the journey of <a href="">IVF</a> has been such a roller coaster. Any advice for the first trimester? How is it different from a non-<a href="">IVF</a> first trimester? Thx