He says it's not abuse..

I need to feel like I'm not crazy!
He doesn't think what he does to me is abuse, but I know it is, I know it!
He calls me names (fat ass,cunt,bitch,stupid,lazy,ugly etc) shoves me, Pushes me, forces me to not move or forces me to move, pinches me, literally kicks me from the bed, grabs me, squeezes my arm or hand, has sex with me when I say no, hurts me when he's mad or i disobey, laughs or gets angry at me when I cry and more!
Tonight I consented to sex because he's been so mean to me I thought it would get him off my back, but then (explicit) he wanted to use a butt plug on me and I said no, he wouldn't listen but I kept saying no and as he got mad he would thrust himself really hard into me to hurt me, then forced me into doggy and went really hard and it felt like knifes and I tried to hold it but I had to cry and after he finished I had to lay there and cry and then he shoved me and said, "god, why are you crying!" 
I feel like I'm dying inside, it's been 6 years of this and I'm so depressed, I'm so lost. 
Please someone tell me I'm not crazy!