Short cervical length

Anyone else here with twins have shortening of the cervix by 20 weeks? Mine is only 2.2cm; they said less than 2.5cm is abnormal. There were a few days at work that I felt cramps, but I honestly thought it might just be the babies moving, not contractions. Turns out they probably were contractions, and causing cervical changes. I'm actually a nurse on a labor and delivery floor, so I'm well aware of what this means (huge chance of very preterm labor) but I'd like to hear others' (hopefully positive) experiences with this. I'm freaked out bcuz whenever I do feel cramps, it's usually at work when I'm running around, but my dr said bedrest won't make a difference so I guess I'm still working through this for now. Makes me very, very nervous bcuz my babies are way more important to me than my paycheck! Any insight/prayers are appreciated.