Did I just have a miscarriage HELP

I started my period 22 it was really lite and kinda brownish and then the 24 it became a pretty heavy period and cramps , cramps are usual for me and I think the 25 or 26 I had this weird fleshy thingy on my toilet paper when I was wiping , I still have my period but it's super light right now is the 28, I had got the birth control shot cause my mom wanted me to be safe but before that I let my BF ejaculate in me , and three days later we went to the doctor and they did a blood test and said I wasn't pregnant cause supposidly the blood test can tell u if your pregnant the first day I didn't believe it but my mom did and said I need to get the shot if I wasn't pregnant,.. But I'm sure I was going to be.... Me and my BF think that I was and the shot killed the baby ...any opinions/help? ;( ......what I saw in my paper looked kinda like this