Thoughts on Sandra bland case?

I think she caused her own arrest. Dr drew showed the real actual video. she got smart mouth with every question the trooper asked. If you and the trooper is getting angry that's not a good combination. She went to the jail and hung herself. They ruled suicide after so many autopsies been performed. What's so hard about obeying the law? I got pulled over several times by the trooper and never had an issue. She sounded like a mental patient. I believe it was suicide. she had a history of suicide and depression. She reported that to the jail. They got a medical record of her she was suffering from depression. How the hell is this the state trooper fault? She got pulled over for switching in front of him without using signal. The state trooper car has a camera front and back but they both was in the wrong. Her cellmate gave an interview saying she came in distraught. The jail should be held accountable because her medical records does states she's suicidal. But you have rights just like the trooper has but it's to much incidents regarding officers as it is. In Her YouTube videos she said she was suffering from mental illness so somebody lying....her sister said it wasn't true, her medical records said it was true. I think she killed herself as a way to get revenge because she did try to kill herself before. People coming up with all these damn conspiracies. they photoshopped her picture making it seem like she was laying on the floor dead but that jail camera is built in the computer and snaps on motion. this mess could have been avoided