In the military TTC

I'm in the Military... been in the Army for 11 years now and it just bothers me how it's so frowned upon when women get pregnant. Dependent on where you work, coworkers will look down on you if you have a baby. I think I can serve my country and still make room in my life for family and happiness. Don't get me wrong, I love the military. There are just some things that certain units feel you should forego. I'm not pregnant, but in the position that I hold I know if I did get pregnant I would get the evil eye from some of my superiors. Even though I have done awesome things for them and the Army thus far... it's kinda sad.

On the flip side, the crazy operational tempo of my job makes it really hard to do my mommy duties with the son's that I have now. I am due to reenlist soon, and if I do, I go on an indefinite status which basically keeps me obligated until I retire at 20 years. I don't know if I should commit another 9 years and get the retirement (I will be 38 years old) or should I get out so I can spend more time at home with my boys... which are 3 and 8 yrs old. And then work full time until I'm It is so confusing. I know people do it all the time...but I gave the army 11 years already... it's hard to decide whether or not I should leave now... (my two sons are from previous marriages) I am a single mother. I have an awesome BF but I am waiting for the right time to introduce him to my babies because I don't want them to meet a man who may or may not be around.