So hurt.

I'm not sure where to post this but I think only people that have lost a baby and struggled with fertility could understand. 
We have ttc for 5 years now and experienced 2 chemical and 1 miscarriage. 
Since I met my now husband 8 years ago he's always known what he wanted to name his first son.
Well today his brother had their first boy and used that name!!!!!! Without asking my husband! Years ago it was brought up and he (my husband) told him he'd never forgive him if he took it. 
I am beyond hurt and pissed. Watching them have two babies while the time we've been trying has been difficult enough but now this! It's a slap in my face- like "you took
Too long so now we are going to use it" I can't stop crying. We are supposed to see them in two weeks and now I'm not sure if I can.  
There's been other issues like my husbands whole family not saying one word about our miscarriage. But this takes the cake.