Mother in law troubles

Rant and question, let me start by saying that I do love my mother in law, she and I have a wonderful relationship. Unfortunately I'm living with her and while it's not as horriable as it could be it is certainly less than ideal. 
She helps out with my daughter a lot which I really appreciate, currently she is unemployed so she often watches my daughter for the hour in which my husband and I switch shifts (we work at the same place while he searches for a better job since he was let go from the last one) this is pretty much the only thing we ever ask her to do. The rest she assumes. Often times she will dress my daughter or get her a bottle, we are both in charge of cooking dinner so sometimes she makes dinner feeds her, changes her diaper, she takes her to the store or to the park sometimes ect. I don't mind her doing these things, I find it to be very helpful and sweet. 
My problems arise when every now and then my mother in law acts like she's the better "parent" (has never said this its just an attitude she gets) she freaks out and guilt trips us when we ask her to babysit for a date night and it's frustrating when she'll jump at any chance to baby sit my daughters cousin but since she lives with Jade she's not as willing. She doesn't understand that my hubby and I need our own time togather too. Why am I paying for a baby sitter if she's just going to sit around and hang out on her phone all night? 
This morning she got my daughter up as my hubby and I were waking and was pissed that we hadn't gotten her yet as she apparently had a poopy diaper which is very out of the ordinary for the mornings. She slammed the door passive aggressively and when confronted she guilt tripped us for not getting up sooner. I'm sorry but were you up with her at 4:30 in the morning when she was crying about a nightmare? I think not!
It is just so frustrating because it's not like I need her to do those things but it's really upsetting frustrating and excuse my language but ass backwards when she acts like we're bad parents for not changing her diaper or getting her up as promptly as she would like. And asking her to not do those things would not only be an unnecessary burden on the both of us but also put a rift in our otherwise healthy relationship. I'm not sure what else to do except move which we are working on but can't do right away.  
Any ideas for me? I'm just so frustrated!!!