Progesterone success stories??


Hi Ladies,

So I'm currently going through what seems to be my third misscarriage. I had a blighted ovum in 2011, a healthy daughter in 2012, and an early miscarriage this past April. I found out I was pregnant again this past June and promptly asked my OB for a test to check my hormone levels because I thought maybe progesterone was the culprit to my losses. He refused to test me and said only after 3 losses do they check for that. Well, I've been bleeding, cramping, and clotting for the past couple days now. Our US showed a sac and fetal pole measuring at 6 weeks (I'm 10weeks) but no heartbeat. The only way the dates would work is if I got a bfp right when we ovulated/conceived. I'm getting another scan next week to double check everything, but I know in my heart of hearts what's happening.

My question is this... have any of you gone through similar situation where progesterone supplements allowed you to have a healthy pregnancy. I'm just looking for hope that maybe next time I'll have a happy outcome.

Am I wrong to be livid at my OB for denying the blood test? What if, ya know???

Thinking of switching OBs next time...

Any progesterone success stories?