$store test... evap line??

Rachel • TTC #1 since January `14! Hoping for a BFP, but trusting in my Lord to provide in His timing! He is good-- all the time!

I know this is old (from yesterday )

I threw it away before 10 minutes seeing nothing, then looked later and saw this faint pink line. I know you're not supposed to look at it past the 10 minutes but I've never had a evap/indent or dye run before. Is that what I'm seeing??

I'm planning to test once more tomorrow.

I've been feeling more like I might be pregnant (breasts and nipple soreness/sensitivity, frequent bathroom stops, this weird cramping/sore muscle pain in my lower abdomen/pelvis, headaches off and on....) but I've swore I was pg before abs I've never been so just want opinions ladies!

My hubby and I have been ttc baby #1 for 19 months and have come up empty every time, we are starting the process of getting testing done in hopes of creating a little miracle....

Any advice would be great!