did he call me insecure?

He posted an article about, signs that you're dating an insecure woman. And his comment was, "llol done with that shit". It describes how the woman has to go through their mans phone, always has to know where you are, jealousy, materialistic, being a sore loser etc. 
I mean, I only accuse him of chatting up another girl when I have a hunch and it's usually right. I never went through his phone for fun, I value privacy. If he never gave me a reason for suspicion, then I wouldn't big him about it. He's a fuckboy, he downloads tinder every time we have a fight and stop talking.  
We broke up, I'm moving on. I'm a little annoyed. Why is he posting ridiculous things, just hoping it would get to me? Cause I know for certain it was directed at me.
I know for a fact I'm not clingy, manipulative or any of those things mentioned in the article. I have to admit, I do have my fair share of insecurities, who doesn't,  but it's because of what happened in my childhood and he knows that. He's trying to hurt me huh?