So I fired my obgyn!

Kennedy • Married to my soulmate since 7.4.2020!💍💞 We have a 4 year old son, who took a year and a half to conceive! We are expecting baby girl March 11th 2021 after 2 1/2 years of ttc with fertility treatments 💖

I've been having symptoms of a uti/bladder infection for about 4-5 days now. Yesterday I called my obgyn and told them I wanted to make an appointment because I believe I had some type of urinary tract infection. I've been having severe lower back pain, I'll feel like I'm about to bust of pee and run to the bathroom and barely anything comes out, it hurts my bladder to pee like someone is constantly squeezing it and my pee is cloudy. I knew something was up. So when I called the lady said "I can't make you an appointment for something so small I'm just gonna have you bring in a urine sample." Okay. Whatever. My obgyn is 30 mins away from my house and not a convenient drive. I get there I pee, they said they will call me, I leave.

This morning they call and tell me "well the doctor looked at your urine and he didn't find any infection you just seem a little dehydrated. If you continue to having itching or burning go buy some monistat from Walmart" and she hung up. First, I didn't say I had any itching or burning and second, monistat won't cure a bladder infection. A uti and a yeast infection are completely different! So I go to the ER for them to test me and confirm I do in fact have a bladder infection and prescribe me pregnancy safe antibiotics! I called informing them that they were incompetent idiots for one telling me nothing was wrong when there was and two telling me to buy monistat! I don't want doctors that stupid treating me or my child for anything! Looks like im going obgyn searching tomorrow!