How long to get period after D&C?

Hi ladies,
Can someone help me out please?!! I feel like I'm going mad! 
I had a D&C 7 weeks ago after a missed miscarriage at 11+3. 
I was getting bfns on hpts about 3 weeks after the op. 
Last week I had the tiniest amount of spotting-3 instances over 2 days. It definitely, definitely wasn't my period-I have no idea what it was, or if I need to go see my obgyn again. 
How long did it take you ladies to get your first period after a D&C or mc?  
My obgyn told me to expect it by week 6. 
I just want to get started again, but feel like I'm in limbo, and it's really making me depressed. 
Any help appreciated!