Morning sickness...SO bad

Okay so I have REALLY bad morning sickness that lasts throughout the whole day...the only way for it to stop and for me to have an appetite is if I smoke (weed). I don't smoke to get high I'm not a bad mother at all this is my first pregnancy this is all new to me, i need to stop smoking ASAP due to me being 5 months & DHS will be involved and take my baby if I continue  to smoke because that's what everyone is telling me, that when the baby is born they'll know if there is anything in there system and if there if your baby will be taken. Now I will NOT let that happen I am determined to find a cure for my sickness so I can actually eat  and feel normal. Please help.. Don't bash or talk shit please like I said I do not smoke to get high my baby needs to eat and the only way I can eat is if I smoke a little then the sickness goes away that's the only cure I have but I need to stop smoking so I need a new cure ASAP.