3rd trimester funk

When I found out I was pregnant in February I was already in a very transitional period of my life, having just started my final semester of grad school as part of a career change. I've since graduated and my husband and I decided that I shouldn't try to start a new job while pregnant (mostly due to the low likelihood of being able to get decent maternity leave even if I was hired in the first place). So after finishing my final class a few weeks ago, I basically don't have anything to do until my due date in mid-October, and I am really struggling to hold onto my identity without feeling lazy or, frankly, kinda useless. I'm grateful for the down-time but I am usually a hard worker and very motivated but right now I feel like all I am is an incubator. Third trimester aches and pains also definitely aren't helping. Anyone else feeling this way or have any tips for getting out of this funk?