New to this whole thing 😊


Hey fellow Glow gals, I'm TTC for the 1st time and I'm 41. I am a professional, that also knows how to find my inner child...I am a freaking sassy goofball and I'm so ready to find out how cool of a mom i can be!!! Have known my SO, 42... for 12yrs, been together the past 3. We Had major financial set backs in the beginning. Now all is getting good and back on track. He and I talk all the time about making a baby and I know I'm ready, never was until he came along. He already has 2... 9yr girl and 14 yr boy. Both are awesome. But we want one together and PRONTO!!!!

I've enjoyed this app and the conversations that go on. I've been gawking on here for a few weeks.

I hope we ALL get what we want soon, best wishes and have fun making this happen!! Cheers and.... what do you chics call it? Baby Dust? Ha, to y'all!!! πŸ˜†