New job and preggo problems

Kellie • We are due with our first March 28th!
So I just started a new job. I found out after I accepted the position that I was pregnant. I am currently 7w 2d into the pregnancy and have been working for a week and a half. First, I wasn't planning on telling my job until after my first trimester. However, I am not going to get FMLA because I won't be there for a year. I am unsure how they will handle this and if they can give me the time off. This is something I would need to specially ask in my department. They are a right to fire organization so they can technically fire me for not being able to be there to do my job. I am hoping that won't be the case. Second, I just found out where exactly I will be working and met my team today. I will be with 3 other ladies and a supervisor. I found out today that one of the three ladies is pregnant and due in February. I am due March 28. So now I have been thinking holy shit should I say something earlier? Any advise out there for my situation? I don't want to lose my benefits or my job because I chose to start a family. But I also don't want to go into this job not knowing what to expect. I'm feeling really weird about my situation now. Is that just hormones? Ha! Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!