What could it be?

Niki • Married to the most handsomeman ever!!
This past September 15th, I gave birth to a handsome baby boy. Thats righ he will be 1 next month. Sad times, that I will no longer have a baby! I do breastfeed him still. I had my first period in 18 months on June 7th. I have not worried with BC as we have been careful up until my period started. I now believe my husband has super sperm. We found out July 21st I was pregnant. I was 6 weeks pregnant. Then on July 23rd it was confirmed I was having a miscarriage. We followed my levels all the way back to negative. I have been fine with very mild cramp like symptoms here and there until today. I have been very dizzy all throughout the day. To the point at times I do not think I could stay standing. With some cramping. Is this just my period starting back? Or something else? Advise please ladies!!!!