No one to talk to

Shakaree • 23, one daughter, one angel baby and our rainbow is due 6/21/2015
I miscarried in May at 8 weeks and we just started ttc this month and I'm in my tww. Every week since my miscarriage people have been announcing their pregnancies this past week alone 5 people! One whom I'm pretty close too and just wonder why me? Why was I the only one to miscarry. One girl I know is on her second baby daddy?! My husband just tells me I should be happy for them because they have nothing to do with us and our time will come but our time did come except our baby died it hurts I should have a big belly by now and know our baby's gender and every time I see a pregnancy announcement it reminds me that my body failed... I wish my husband understood why I break down crying every time I see someone else pregnant.