Move in or not

So ive been with my boyfriend for six years. We have a decent age gap. He has a teenaged daughter and is almost completely finacially responsible for her minus health insurance. He rents a house from his parents. He has a roommate who is a great guy but just overall loud. Recently we've been talking about moving in together he needs alittle help financially (he works for himself and sometimes his business is slow.) I should mention that his roommate often doesnt have his share of the rent ready on time. I work nights in a busy er, i make enough money to cover my share of rent (which would include cable, electric, heat hot water ect) with more then enough left over at the end. Obviously I'd do the grocery shopping I know that he'd chip in for it because it'd be for him and his daughter. The roommate has no license which is why he's frequently out of work. My two main concerns are that when i sleep over and my boyfriend leaves for work I'm typically woken up around 10am because his roommate is making noise which is understandable because its normal hours but sometimes i need to sleep in or all day depending on my schedule. So im worried my sleep schedule wont be taken seriously by him. Also if I'm doing the grocery shopping i expect him to chip in, however i wouldn't be able to tell him he cant eat. But it's not like i can pay his way.