Not feeling well. Help

So I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I haven't had to many symptoms until today. My boobs have been sore and some minor cramping but nothing that I couldn't handle or work through. Today is a different story. I woke up okay and then I went to work where my day just got weird. I have no cramps but I have been nauseous all day, very dizzy, extremely hot and then really cold at time. I have a minor temp of 99.3. Tmi I also have weird bowel movements and some diarhea. My boobs hurt more than the day before an I am curious if this is like a all day morning sickness thing. It did go away for a small period of time but then I ate soup and it came back.. does this sound like normal pregnancy sickness, me being sick or something else. Other than the sick feeling my stomach does not hurt and there is no cramping or bleeding. Thank you in advance