In law issue about to drive me nuts


I was taking care of my MIL because she had a stroke, but due to me being pregnant I am not able to do lifting or transferring. My FIL is trying to guilt me into taking her to a drs appointment even though I would have to lift and push her into the van.

I have repeatedly told him I can't and won't risk me hurting myself, especially after just having 2 miscarriages. It would be different if she wasn't so heavy and could assist more. He tells me he doesn't want to miss work, but when they made that appointment, who were they thinking was going to take her??

Not to mention that the van only has 1 other seat and I have 2 kids. To which he offered to have his 11 year old, super irresponsible grandson. And I am not ok with that.

Am I being mean somehow?