Odds of a positive pregnancy test

Ok, I'm new and am not yet a mother, so please forgive my ignorance. I had my period this month, August 6-11. I have a normal cycle, typically 30 days long. I did not take an ovulation test, but my tracking app predicted ovulation on August 22nd or 23rd. I noticed a white, creamy discharge on the 21st and had unprotected sex that evening. I am have a blood test done tomorrow at the doctor, which I early, I know, but I have an appointment already for something else, so I may as well. Tomorrow will be day 7 if you count the day of intercourse and the nurse says it may detect pregnancy and it may not. What personal experience do any of you have with this? Or do you know what kind of experience people you know have had in the same situation? Thanks in advance for any responses...as expected, I'm super anxious!! : )