Garlic and fertility , I'm going to try this and the geritol


Garlic can boost fertility: Garlic can not only keep sperm and eggs healthy, but it is also packed with B6 and other nutrients proven to give fertility a boost.

Why is Garlic So Good for Fertility?
Thousands of years of proof can’t be wrong. Garlic is a known fertility enhancer for both women and men. But what makes garlic so effective where so many other remedies have failed?

1. For starters, garlic (up to 2-4 cloves daily) keeps you healthier (see previous section), which includes your entire reproductive system.

2. Garlic is also a known blood cleanser that aids in circulation, meaning you have the stamina to make a healthy baby.

3. Garlic is full of selenium as well as Vitamin C and B6, which prevents chromosome defects and damage.

How to Prepare Garlic for Boosting Fertility.
There are so many delicious ways to prepare the garlic you need to boost fertility! Here are some tasty ideas to try:

1. Chop up garlic, steep in water, add a bit of honey to taste and drink as a tea.
2. Dice garlic cloves and add to pasta, pizza and greens.
3. Add garlic to any smoothie for an instant boost.
4. Take garlic supplements (you can even get “odorless” garlic).
5. Bake garlic then spread it on crudités and pita chips like butter.
6. Juice garlic cloves with other raw veggies for pure nutrition.

Garlic is one of those “good news” solutions to a very distressing problem. For once, you don’t have to take any painful shots or pills with side effects. Just add more garlic to your diet (and then get started planning the baby room!).