Need answers

I'm irregular. Some may have read my story. Sometimes I bleed on and off for weeks. Meaning I will have my cycle. It goes off 2-3 days and comes back on and will stay like that a whole month sometimes month and a half. I've been to the doctor they can't explain why and told me as long as it wasn't clots not to be alarmed. It's irritating, I mean who wants to bleed more then they have to. Anyway my cycle finally went off 3 days ago so this morning my husband and I was intimate and guess who? Yelp more blood. I'm not back on my cycle but blood was on his penis and the toilet paper. Have this ever happened to anyone? I'm tired of going to multiple doctors paying a Co pay every visit and no results other then birth control which if I do that I'll never be able to conceive. In search of answers. Help please.