Unknown bacteria in urine?

Kaitlin • Wife to SB. Mommy to PB and LJ.
so lately when I sit down when I really have to pee or have just peed my pelvis feels sore when I sit down. So they sent me for a urine test two days ago. Today she said they saw bacteria but what type it was was unknown. She said is was common but they treat it from symptoms instead of what the urine itself says (as it has no results). This has me worried about baby. She said to take the antibiotic and if it didn't help I needed to come in. I just found out I have a negative blood type and a possible bicornuate uterus and now this, all in a matter of days so it's all stressful. Baby looked excellent as of Monday and really healthy. Have any of you ever dealt with something like this or have any words of advice? I'm so tired of worrying about my little one making it :/