My size

Sasha • I'm 28, baby #2 due feb 6, 2016-another girl!!!
I'm petite: 5'5, 108lbs pre pregnancy. I've always been small. I'm now 16w5d and I've gained 17lbs. I'm by no means upset with the gain itself, but I am frustrated that my clothes are tight, my shirts are short and my panties don't fit. I'm up 3 cup sizes from an a to a d 😕 I feel huge. I can't breathe, I'm easily out of breath, my back aches and my legs and feet swell. I barely have the energy to bathe myself and my 3.5yr old at night. I work full time in sales in a small office and pretty much hate my one coworker. My boss is great and my parents are supportive. 
     I'm tired of ppl giving me dirty looks like I'm not allowed to feel huge or uncomfortable. In the realm of physical size I understand and realize I'm smaller than most, even now. But I'm not accustomed to being this size or feeling this way. 😩