What would you do.

Savanna • Loving life with my amazing husband and our American bull dogs and Chihuahua
Hey ladies, I was wondering what would you do in this situation? So recent days a "friend" of mine decided that one of the things I posted was offensive to him because he's a gay man. Of which I've never judged him, not once have I ever made him feel bad about it. I even stood up for him when my husbands joke had crossed a line with me. He's not once told my husband how "offensive" some of the things he says are, yet he's so quick to tell me off. Well I come to find out back in late June he went through my husbands shared photos from before we both even knew my husband. His words on one of the photos are as said ( you look so different when you were young. Have hair in some of your pics , sorry -insert husbands name- you are so damn cute lol just so interesting to see some of your old photos, see you in a different time/ different light....." Since I introduced he two of them this "friend" has always made comments of wishing he was with my husband or asking us not to be so close and less intimate with each other ( saying I love you and cuddling while we are on our own couch ) when he's around because it's uncomfortable for him. I posted under this "friends" comment with the go ahead from my hubby, that's offensive. I left it at that.  What would you ladies do? Would you just cut that person from your life? Or would you want to sit them down and put them in their place when it comes to your marriage?