So depressed and stressed

Jessi • Pregnant with baby #2! We're having a boy and beyond excited! I'm not thrilled that we are in alaska tho. From California and I hate the cold.
Idk what to do anymore. I'm just so depressed and stressed. We were suppose to move for the best for our family but didn't cuz husband got a 3 dollar raise. Ya it will help but not enough. We barley make rent. We can't afford the electric and it got shut off in our names and on in the landlord. They are paying our electric which in our lease says we can me terminated. So now I'm withing for our notice to move which I know we will get by the first and we can't afford food thankfully there is a food bank. His sister (the only person we know up here) won't even give me a ride to the doc and keeps flaking when I ask her for a ride to the foodstamp office or wic. I can't walk almost 3 hrs one way with my 3 yr old. I'm so freaking stressed idk what to do anymore. Husband says we are fine and we will make it. I'm not sure he sees what can happen when we get kicked out. We can't move into his sisters as she is moving out 30 mins by car and we don't have one for him to get to and from work which is already 30 mins by bike. We can't afford our rent and electric and food and if we have to move we have no deposit saved and no app fee money. We are solely f****d. I can't ask any of our family or friends for help cuz they are all strapped for cash. I'm trying to find a job but hard cuz no one wants a pregnant woman. Idk what to do any more. I just want to curl up in a ball in my closet and cry. I'm about to give up.